200 years ago

Sushi was a fast food in Japan.

At time passed, sushi has become one of the most famous luxury and expensive dishes in the world. Sushi had lost its original style.

At Sushi Your Way, our passion is to get our customers to experience original styles of the authentic Japanese culinary arts. 

Our premise is to offer fast food style Sushi, so we can reach more people who want to enjoy a casual yet delicious meal at a very affordable price.

Our founder, Yoshimoto, was born in Japan, and grew up in Kyoto city, one of the most famous and traditional cities in Japan.

From an early age, he began to learn how to prepare Sushi from watching his mother, and from his family’s weekend traditions of Temaki Sushi dinner, which all family members make their own temaki sushi by their own way. All of these family traditions inspired him to create Sushi Your Way.

Besides Sushi, Yoshimoto is a huge fan of Japanese street food, like Ramen, and Takoyaki. So He tried to find quality Ramen and Takoyaki in UAE, but he had no luck, not many restaurants serve quality food with affordable prices. For that reason, and after working really hard, he was able to create Halal recipes for Ramen and Takoyaki, with high quality and authentic ingredients, so anyone can enjoy Japanese street food. 

Another tasty item on our menu is the Japanese tea, we only want to deliver the authentic taste of this famous beverage, that’s why we make sure to get our Japanese tea directly from Kyoto, Japan. 

At Sushi Your Way, we guarantee to cater to various tastes, and with our vast menu options, everyone will find a dish they can enjoy and savor. 

Sushi Your Way authentic Japanese taste with a modern twist!

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